About us

TouringOn is from the high-performance travel agencies in Egypt and the Middle East. We aim to offer our clients the best experience of excursions, cruises, accommodation, flights and other services within Egypt and in the Middle East. To expand and develop our work dynamic to cope with the ever-changing market needs, we decided to create an integrated online platform in 2019 to offer tourists and residents of Egypt an easy and comprehensive method to book online, providing all the relevant information, the best value for money and most memorable experiences.

Having a team of travel enthusiasts on board helped us a great deal in identifying how to present the best solutions to our clients tailored to their needs. We understand your passion for new experiences, your desire for novelty and your need for security and safety; elements we have paid great attention to and ensured to provide through our services across the board. 


We aim to be a brand relied on, trusted and admired by both our clients and partners. A brand that stands for quality, innovation and world class experiences.


Equipped with experienced and highly professional staff, we are committed to making our guests feel welcome and create unrivaled memories. With our vast variety of services, destinations, adventures and tailor-made packages, we enable you to have the ultimate experience. 


We commit to our promise of excellence and go beyond the expectations of our clients. We aspire to grow and are dedicated to all the efforts that advance that growth and nourish it. Based on your needs, we continually strive to do better and make your stay in Egypt phenomenal.